Jenson's Coup - Australian GP 2009

Jenson's Coup - Australian GP 2009 Good things come to those who wait...

We've all said it, but do we always believe it?

What a wonderful start to the new F1 season. A British driver taking control of the weekend and commanding from the front for a British team. Sounds familiar doesn't it. Thing is, it's not Lewis Hamilton, but the man from the other end of the grid.

Jenson Button and the Brawn F1 Team have pulled off one of the greatest coups in the sports history. Turning up to the first race of the season after nearly not turning up at all, taking pole and then a stunning one two finish. Brilliant...

It has left the rest of the grid in turmoil with the usual blend of politics and protests flying around the paddock. I'm sure that the BGP001 will be deemed legal to compete in its present guise for the rest of the season, creating a competitive engineering challenge for the rest of the teams, and ensuring an exciting championship for us all to enjoy.

Melbourne is always a great destination to start the season for me. After enduring the great British Winter, the warm balmy evenings are most welcome. This year, we were given the added treat of late afternoon Aussie light to go and create unique F1 images. It's a photographer's dream to be given light like this, and one which was relished by all of us. Watching the new breed of cars dancing around Albert Park in the low early evening light was a real treat, and to be photographing it, even better.

Sir Richard Branson could hardly have believed his luck as he lifted off from Melbournes's Tullermarine International Airport on his way back to wherever he was going. A one-two and a bounty of beautiful images to reflect on his first days at the races. It seems his Virgin brand really is blessed with beginners luck...

To enjoy my images from Melbourne please go to the formula 1 section of the website and select Australia 2009.

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