Back To Barcelona - Spanish GP 2009

Back To Barcelona - Spanish GP 2009 What a welcome change to have the wheels of the aeroplane lift off at 7am on a Thursday morning. Welcome back to Europe and some quality time with our families. We all look human again...

The testing ban has created a fair size bag of new parts for the teams to play with at the races. It was here at the Circuit De Catalunya that we were expecting to see the newest and biggest array of parts. We weren't disappointed. I thought Nick Heidfeld's version of Monty Python's 'What did the Romans ever do for us' list of new parts on his BMW amusing. Not being a techie I cannot name the raft of new parts that were on show in Barcelona, safe to say each team was busy as a child on a certain day in December.

One noticeable change from last year was the lack of spectators. During Qualifying there was a distinct lack of atmosphere with nearly empty grandstands all around the circuit. Come race day, the Alonso Effect had clearly lost its effect for now, with many of the usually full structures looking for new friends. It would have been a no-brainer to say a switch to The Prancing Horse would have reunited the fans with their seats. However, with Ferrari's present performance and stance to pull out of F1 unless the teams can dictate their own pace of reform, they may well stay away for some while.

As far as the race goes, well apart from Mr Alonso shoving Mr Rosberg into the path of Mr Trulli who truly slid his way into Mr Sutil's path causing Mr Buemi and Mr Bourdais to leave the show with immediate effect, it was a classic Barcelona procession punctuated with a bit o Brawn mix and match with race strategy which worked in Jenson's favour to the obvious disappointment of Rubens who it seemed, didn't make the most of his second set of option tyres.

As for the Circuit De Catalunya, it seems less familiar than years gone by. The testing ban has taken away the monotony of days and days of testing and therefore, opened up a fresh bag of images for us to enjoy.

To enjoy my images from the Barcelona Grand Prix, please visit the formula 1 section of the website and select Spain.

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