Seb's Silverstone- British GP 2009

Seb's Silverstone- British GP 2009 One always wonders what Silverstone will throw up over a Grand Prix weekend. Cobalt blue skys with white fluffy Magritte clouds, dark threatening skies ready to drown anyone who dares turn up, close action packed wheel-to-wheel racing or a runaway winner. Well this year we had the lot!

After the 'spot the crowd' competition of Istanbul, it was Silverstone's job to put the record straight. Formula 1 is massive and adored by the hundreds of thousands of fans that flowed through its gates over the weekend. To say they had cause for concern was to say they had a point. Bang on cue, we had another FOTA/FIA fallout with all the usual ensuing chaos. Photographers and bun fights de rigeur as Max & Bernie glided around the paddock intent on getting their way, with the teams standing their ground.

It all made for unpleasant viewing, but no surprise as 'all news is good news' according to the powers that be. For me, it's time to get real and realise that the world is in 'do we really need to spend all this money' mode, but at the same time there are mouths to feed and will continue to need to be fed. A breakaway championship is a mountain to climb as far as getting it up and running, with a logistics list from here to Saturn. Far better to talk away from the lens, get a few new teams on board, new faces behind the wheel, with the usual suspects competing as before, spending less money. Simple...

When the Red Bulls went out on Friday morning, the first obvious difference was the huge front nose that had appeared. Gone was the Slender Glenda; in came a biggy. A whole new aero package to boot and boy did it work. Mr Brawn was quick to notice the fact that Mr Newey had indeed been busy over the last few weeks, so was not surprised when Mr Vettel took pole with Mr Webber hot on his heels. The Brawns were there with Rubens, but it looked as though Jenson was out of this one, unable to get the car hooked up.

So it proved in the race. With Vettel away from the first corner, never to be troubled. The best duel of the weekend was between the old sparring partners of Hamilton and Alonso, with wheel-to-wheel stuff at the back of the field. It was do or die with nothing to lose. Pity it was for 16th place...

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