Webber Wins In Germany - German GP 2009

Webber Wins In Germany - German GP 2009 Situated up in the Eiffel Mountains, the new Nurburgring sits next to its illustrious big brother, the Nordschleife. It's a circuit with its own unique micro climate where anything can happen and usually does.

This year, a certain Mark Webber has finally got a car capable of providing him with the chance of obtaining that elusive first win. With regular trips to the podium courtesy of the superb Red Bull RB5, one had the feeling that this was the weekend he might just do it.

From Friday morning, Webber was on it from the start, his aggressive style a precursor as to what was to come. Come qualifying, he was ready, an air of belief that he could do it beginning to flow through his side of the Red Bull garage. Throughout qualifying, the weather joined in the fun, adding an unpredictability to Q2 with rain starting just as the cars went out allowing Barrichello to top the timesheets. Come Q3, Webber was back in control to take his first well earned pole position.

As the lights turned Green, Webber's assertiveness was evident for all to see as he signalled to Barrichello his intent with a robust manoeuvre keeping the Brazilian at bay. Not content with that, he then set about Hamilton, clipping the right rear of the fast starting McLaren causing a puncture, eliminating Lewis's challenge on the spot. A drive through penalty was served on the Aussie who must have thought his day would never come.

Today was different. The 'hand out the luck' list had Webber's name at the top for a change, it seems he was finally to be rewarded for being one of the top blokes in the paddock with a fully deserved crushing victory. Nobody got close, not even Vettel who was magnanimous in defeat. The whole paddock was chuffed for the likeable Aussie who had finally done it after nearly eight years in F1.

Listening to Webber's radio after the race suggested a man who had finally lived the dream, it was wonderful to hear his unleashing of emotions. It reminded me of the day Senna finally won his home Grand Prix and was totally overwhelmed to the extent he sounded like the crazy man let loose from the asylum.

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