Hamilton's Hungary - Hungarian GP 2009

Hamilton's Hungary - Hungarian GP 2009 The trip to Budapest is always an enjoyable one. Years of Communism has left this city free of the trappings of Western culture, and therefore a distinct lack of fast food chains and the like. Instead, we have a city full of traditional vibrancy and magnificent architecture. It's a step back into 'Old Europe' with its Gothic spires and magnificent cathedrals, one is almost expecting the werewolf out of Van Helsing to appear at any moment inviting you on a guided tour of the paddock.

Most journeys to circuits these days are a chore, but not this one. The rising sun invites one to drift along the atmospheric avenues as you cross the mighty Danube using the ancient and beautiful Szechenyi Chain Bridge, before a 12-mile motorway trip to the circuit itself.

With just over half the season gone now, the tide seems to be beginning to turn as the likes of Ferrari and McLaren finally have cars they can send out safe in the knowledge they have a realistic chance of coming back with more than just a few points. It has certainly brought this year's championship back to life, with the possibility of one of the most competitive years Formula One has seen.

After the disappointment of the Nurburgring, it was great to see Lewis back at the front and winning. All those hours and hours of nightshifts back in Woking finally paying off. It is a tribute to all at the factory that they have stuck at it and believed that they can turn it round. The relief was there for all to see, especially at the airport on Monday morning. There were a few bleary eyed McLaren boys still coming to terms with the fact that it was Monday morning and they were at an airport. 'Asleep in a bush next to hotel' was the one that made me chuckle.

We must not forget that as I write this, the jovial and popular Felipe Massa is lying in hospital with his family and friends beside him. The fact that he is there at all is a miracle and a welcome one at that. The incident is indeed a frightening example of how dangerous motorsport can be, but it also shows how Formula One's attitude to safety is a constant priority. The design and strength of the modern day crash helmet has never been easy to show in context. We now know different. As Felipe lies in hospital, we can only hope that the damage to his left eye does not prove to be as severe as reports seem to suggest. If it does turn out that we have lost Felipe Massa the racing driver, the young child growing inside Anna Rafaela's body will be blessed in the knowledge that Felipe Massa the father will there on that momentous day when he or she arrives into the world.

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