The Magic Of Monza - Italian GP 2009

The Magic Of Monza - Italian GP 2009 It's 9.30am in the photographers' room Saturday morning. I'm off to the Variante Ascari to enjoy one of the pleasures of any F1 Grand Prix weekend. Walking through the Parco De Monza is one of the highlights of the year for me. It's so lush with its birdsong and tall trees who hold so many memories that are this wonderful race track. A stop for a refreshing cafe latte whilst enjoying the suns warming rays, sets one up for a photographic treat.

Bongiorno, bongiorno etc etc. It's all that needs to be said. No need to talk, just listen to the chorus of birdsong surrounding us all. Beautiful.

As I gaze down the hill from Curva de Vialone, the original circuit with its superb vertical banking basks in all its glory as the new track waits patiently underneath. The morning glow of the sun creeps through Monza's elegant tall trees, laying itself down onto the track in shafts of gorgeous light. I walk down the hill, instinct takes me to where I want to go. It's another 30 minutes until the hooligans are unleashed thus stealing me away from my own private tranquillity base...

There are so many pictures to be taken at this track, each photographer having their own special place of which there are many, but it's here just before the cars arrive into the Ascari chicane, that I get my fix.

Lewis screams into view, flicking in and out of the fantastic light, his Mercedes engine singing its own song, before aiming his machine-gun down-changing Mclaren into the Curva del Vialone and out of the Variante Ascari on its way to Curva Parabolica. Beautiful.

To me Monza is a shrine to all that is motor racing, with the Tifosi acting as it guardians. The great have won and lost the fine line between winning the ultimate prize and paying the ultimate price, you can feel it everywhere.

I have spent a lot of time over the years photographing tigers in the magical jungles of India. Monza to me is my portal into the magical world of motor racing. All that's missing is the Dawn Rise.

Bring back warm up I say...

To enjoy my images from Monza, please visit the formula 1 section of my website and select Italy.

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