Singapore Sling - Singapore GP 2009

Singapore Sling - Singapore GP 2009 It's always difficult to follow up a great party with another. Expectations are usually way too high. After last years superb Singapore Grand Prix, one could have been forgiven for falling into that trap.

A year on from last year's extravaganza, the world has changed quite considerably. A keen eye on expenditure is the norm amoungst many a blue chip company and its corporate entertainment budget, as it is to the punters in the grandstands and the like. You would never have known that however, if you were one of the lucky ones to attend this year's race. Singapore really does seem to be enjoying its unique position of holding a night race. Whatever your place within the F1 circus, there's something for everyone here. From the awesome spectacle of the F1 guys reveling in the freedom of the streets, to the constant stream of nightlife and beyond, to a quiet G&T at Raffles, Singapore offers a respite from the global doom and gloom of greedy excess.

As a photographer, it's truly unique in as much as there are just so many possible photographic opportunities. What with at least 15-20 high rise buildings offering unique positions, and at least another five being built for next year, the art of blagging has never been more important for your average F1 snapper. There's also street level to play with as well!

I was a little greedy on Saturday night, ending up back at my hotel around 7am Sunday morning after a night of revelry. I'm not one for going out on the Saturday before the race, but it's a bit different here, as one can still bag around eights hours sleep before setting off for the track. There were many familiar faces with me by the way that night, and a great many the next day Ray Ban'd up...

One final note I would like to add now that the anniversary of 'Crashgate' has passed is I hope that Renault decide to stay in F1 and secure the jobs of all the employees who work so hard while paying off their mortgages, school fees etc, while the likes of spoilt, average, rich drivers enjoy their undeserved time in F1 and then leave if you please...

To enjoy my images from the Singapore Grand Prix, please visit the formula 1 section of my website and select Singapore.

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