Button's Beautiful Brazil - Brazil GP 2009

Button's Beautiful Brazil - Brazil GP 2009 Well! What a weekend. One thing is for sure, the trip to Brazil never disappoints. Whatever it is you're after, you can find oodles of it in the chaos of Sao Paolo. From the meat fest that is Fogo De Chao, to the Ladies Of Cafe Photo and on to the awesome Interlagos Circuit, it's all there to be enjoyed.

I have always relished my trips to Interlagos. The drive through the favelas on the way to the track is a true test of ones driving skills. Usually undertaken in an thoroughly underpowered car, with no power steering with the strength of papier mache we head off along the Avenue Interlagos, avoiding potholes, buses, trucks, dogs, guns and anything else that feels the need to impress us with its bravado.

Upon arrival at the track, I find I'm transported back to an era I so wish I'd been around for as a photographer. That era being the 1970s. There's a carefree feeling about this place. As a photographer, you're free to roam around without the constant barrage of marshals, police and security guards telling you what you already know. It still has the feel of the old track with its rusty guard rails and grandstands, while the track feels and looks like the greatest Scalextric track you never had. A real racers track.

Speaking of real racers, we were treated to one of the best displays by all the players this weekend. Watching these guys pound around in the blinding spray of Saturday was awesome. I took up my position on Saturday morning on the outside of the circuit on the run up to the start finish line. First up was Heikki Kovalainen, his McLaren dancing on a film of water as he started his first timed lap. Next up was Rosberg, barely visible through the spray. Foot planted, he disappeared into a wall of spray his red light being the only signal of his presence on the track. Within a second he was still thereabouts, but out of sight. On and on this went, each driver his right foot planted, driving into the wall of spray and into the abyss. Fantastic to watch.

Come the day of the race, beautiful blue sky with only a slight chance of rain. From the moment the five red lights went out, it was game on and what a game. What with Raikkonen nearly being sent off into that big blue sky by Webber, then Kovalainen trying to fry him in the pitlane, we had Trulli losing it trying to go around the outside of Sutil who then took out Alonso, we had a busy first lap which culminated with the safety car. From the restart we were treated to some beautiful overtaking manoeuvres by the world champion in waiting, whose progress was halted temporarily by the kamikaze Kobayashi in his Toyota weaving in the braking zone. Once past there was no taking it easy and playing the numbers game, Jenson went for it.

From the moment Jenson climbed out of the car in parc ferme, we were treated to in my opinion a worthy World Champion. Not just because he's scored the most points etc etc, but because he is just such a down-to-earth guy full of humility and fun! As a photographer, the crowning of a World Champion is a photo fest with endless 'bun fights' to get those oh so important pictures. Jenson played the game with us all as we enjoyed about and hour-and-a-half of wacky races chasing him around the paddock, culminating in a team photo to relish.

Here is a team that 12 months ago didn't exist, now World Champions in both the constructors and drivers championships. Listening to Ross Brawn giving his thanks to all the employees he had to lay off at the start of the season is testament to the personality of this tight and professional team, as was watching Rubens diving into the mosh pit at the team photo.

I only wish that Rubens could have finally won his home race, and Jenson the title...

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