Start Delayed - Australia GP 2010

Start Delayed - Australia GP 2010 It was a welcome change to rock up in Melbourne and not be at the first race of the season. The laissez-faire of St Kilda is something I look forward to, and with the first race out of the way, it was time for a bit of down time on the beach for a couple of days.

A grey featureless sky greeted me on both of my mornings off'! It was a precursor to a frustrating weekend of spiky locals interfering with everything and anything they could, the best being the ''one way walkway' in the middle of a field! If there was a way of making the bleeding obvious even more so, this was the place to be. Even Nanny herself would be shaking her head, it was and is tedious. When will we ever be free...

After the dangerously dull first race in Bahrain, everyone was a little anxious that Albert Park would be able to relaunch the sport back to the stellar expectation of two weeks ago. Boy did she.

With the rain falling, the cars on inters and the track offering her best in entertainment, the season officially started here. F1 truly delivered one of the best races it could have wished for with overtaking, incidents and action a plenty.

Jenson's decision to come in a lap early was the clincher once Vettel's beautiful but fragile Red Bull left the party. As with any new employer, you always want to impress at the beginning of your new adventure together, so it was great to see Jenson pick up McLaren's first win of the year.

It would have been great to see Mark Webber win his home Grand Prix, with second place on the grid it all looked good. Trouble is he had his super-quick team mate ahead of him, who was always going to get the call when it came to those all-important decisions when the rain stopped. Two laps on inters when he should have been on slicks didn't help his cause, nor did he for that matter.

There are days when you wish you'd stayed in bed. I'm sure he was thinking that last night...

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