Webber's Wonderful Monaco - Monaco GP 2010

Webber's Wonderful Monaco - Monaco GP 2010 So here we are in Monaco for the blue ribbon event of the year, the one every driver wants on his win CV.

After his win in Barcelona, Webber came to the principality on a high. Could he win Monaco? Could he keep at bay all the bad luck that usually attaches itself to him, and would the new Red Bull RB6 stay together around the tortuous street circuit?

The last few minutes of Q3 was one of the highlights of the year so far with the top 10 being separated by just over a second. It took a wonder lap from Webber to clinch pole in the last few minutes of the session with a lap that set the prescient for others to follow.

As the five red lights went out, Webber made the perfect start never to be headed again, no matter how hard the bad-luck demons tried throughout the race – with Jarno Trulli top of the list with his rather ambitious attempt in passing Chandhok into Rascasse!

Whilst his young team mate is being hailed as one of the stars of the future, Mark has had to prove himself the real deal. With his first win last year it seemed he had finally achieved it. But his win in Brazil was totally overshadowed by Jenson’s title win, and with the disappointing result from his home Grand Prix it seemed he was slipping back into the ‘is he good enough’ camp.

Many modern day sportsmen are usually too young or don’t have enough depth of character to put their hands up and be counted when they’ve screwed up, or have enough emotional maturity to stand there when they’ve been well and truly beaten and big up the guy who’s beaten them. This is where Webber is a one of the best, he’s a ‘real bloke’ and thank god they still exist in the uber-ego world of modern day humanity.

Finally he can stand there with the rest of the megas in the world of top F1 drivers, as his two victories in the last two races have proved his doubters wrong. He has well and truly beaten his young team mate who will be at home thinking that a little bit more respect will be applicable to the guy across the garage.

Watching Webber and the Red Bull team revelling in their 1-2 victory on the energy station after the race was great fun. In my excitement, I got a bit carried away and got in the way of the other snappers by jumping into the pool to get the shots of a very happy man, and for that I apologise.

Even at the poolside, Vettel couldn’t get one up on his team mate. Sebastian tried in vain to get Mark into the pool, only to be brushed aside and chucked back in whilst Mark removed his lucky race boots. He then entered the pool on his terms, with a perfect backflip.

Job done…

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