Vettel's Valencia - European GP 2010

Vettel's Valencia - European GP 2010 A week after the Summer Solstice, the Formula 1 summer season began in earnest in Valencia.

We are nearly at the half way point, with Formula 1 absolutely rocking at the moment. With every race throwing up random events to keep the title race flowing beautifully it's still anyone's championship.

This was to be a race where McLaren were expected to win. Red Bull has not scored points here before so a win was a big ask. Another 1-2 in qualifying was a good way to break the jinx.

Come lap eight however, we were down to one Red Bull. Mark Webber launching off the back of Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus at over 190mph did not make for enjoyable viewing however spectacular the crash was. The performance difference between the Red Bull and Lotus coming into play in the braking zone of the chicane that is turns 12 and 13. With Webber's RB6 able to brake later he had nowhere to go as Kovalainen's Lotus began its deceleration much earlier.

To be fair to Kovalainen, it seems he did nothing wrong apart from being in the braking zone when a most probably furious and charging Webber bore down on him desperate to make up for his awful start. Whatever your view on the incident, it was good day for the F1 safety wallahs.

The incident obviously brought out the safety car, which was the end of the race unfortunately! Lewis doing his usual by getting himself a penalty. This time for misjudging by a few metres when to overtake the safety car as it came out of the pits, he duly was served with a drive through penalty.

Mind you, it wound up Alonso a treat. He spent the rest of the race seven places further back, furious that Hamilton had backed him up behind the safety car. Hamilton dumped the Ferrari as he accelerated away to the waiting pit crew safe in the knowledge that he'd passed the safety car before the safety car line causing Alonso to fume from behind for a whole lap. Whether it was accidental or not, the antagonistic relationship between the two continues. This time, Hamilton the winner.

With all this going on behind him, Vettel was away and took an easy win. Shame really, as it could have been a great battle if Lewis hadn't got that penalty.

Toys 'R' Us will be busy by the looks of it...

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