Splash Down In Spa - Belgium GP 2010

Splash Down In Spa - Belgium GP 2010 The competitive nature of Formula One can become rather tiresome at times, what with being surrounded by uber-competitive males (Schumacher's primal move on Barrichello in Hungary being a perfect example), the continuous time zones, some dodgy hotels that don't quite match up to their website's offerings and being away from loved ones, it was a welcome relief to step off the plane from Hungary and return to the sanctuary of the not quite so competitive real world.

The three week summer break was over before you knew it, but so so refreshing all the same.

The trip to Spa is always quite an unpredictable event. You just never know what the weather is going to do. It's a case of four seasons in one day.

This year didn't disappoint. From glorious sunshine to monsoon rains in a few seconds was the order day on all three days.

It made for an eventful qualifying with Lewis putting in a mighty lap just at the end of Q3 to claim a place on the front row and Alonso producing well, nothing really, with the two Red Bulls as steady ever.

From the moment the lights went out, we were to witness an interesting twist in this year's drivers' championship.

With Webber fluffing his start Lewis was off into the lead where he would spend the rest of his afternoon, while both Vettel and Alonso put their championship hopes on hold with Vettel pretty much ending Button's hopes as well with another piece of rash driving.

By taking both himself and Button out, Vettel has not only handed the initiative to McLaren and Lewis, but has crafted the most beautiful rod for his own back by allowing his team mate a clear run at the title and given the guys at Red Bull a right royal headache as to who to back.

The next few races are going to be really interesting. I bet when the fly-aways start again, the guys in Austria won't need to be drinking from the slender cans to keep them awake during the long nights.

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