Forza Italy Forza Ferrari - Italian GP 2010

Forza Italy Forza Ferrari - Italian GP 2010 As you pass through the gates of Parco Di Monza you enter into hallowed territory.

Men and machine have danced with the devil here since 1922, with a fair few meeting their maker in the confines of this magnificent race track.

Thursday late afternoon is a time for drivers and fans to meet at the official autograph session.

Seeing as this was Monza, I decided to go and check out the Tifosi's reaction to Fernando Alonso's first race here as a Ferrari driver.

It didn't take me long to realise what it must be like to drive for the Prancing Horse here in Italy. I have never seen such a crowd gather for this event. The pitlane was literally heaving with passionate fans prepared to do anything to get close to their hero.

As Fernando arrived they all went bonkers and what was initially an orderly collection of human beings became a seething mass of madness with people literally climbing over each other to get whatever they could place in front of the black marker pen attached to the Spaniard's right hand.

It was very amusing to see and judging by the smile beaming across his face, Fernando obviously felt the same.

Come race day morning with a Ferrari on pole, the true romantic in you begins to flow unabated throughout your body. All you want is for Ferrari to win so that you can say you were there when one of the most passionate group of race fans allow themselves to become one and transform this race track into a mesmerising cauldron of passion.

To see both Fernando and Felipe's faces as they walked onto the podium as the flags wave, the horns blast out their fanfare as the 'Il Canto degli Italiani' begins was truly a moving moment.

As I clung to the pitwall fence to get my shot of this event, I had to catch myself for all I wanted to do was dive into the mosh pit and join in with these hedonistically happy people.

Long live F1, long live Monza and long live the Tifosi...

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