Awesome Alonso - Korean GP 2010

Awesome Alonso - Korean GP 2010 On Thursday afternoon, one of F1's most iconic photographs was re-enacted. The five title contenders were photographed with the man himself in front of the world's media.

It doesn't happen very often so you can imagine there was a large media presence. This usually involves a large amount of chaos, which it duly delivered.

To see all five title contenders together with Bernie made for a great photograph, and the smile on Bernie's face suggested he was indeed a very happy man. Another new destination in the bag and a world title still up for grabs by any one of the gladiators sitting either side of him... well, wouldn't you be smiling?

Upon finally arrive into Mokpo station, you are very aware that you are a long way from home! It's taken nearly 20 hours of travelling to get here, and to be honest, there's not much here. Quite a few establishments where one can enjoy the pleasures of the female flesh, a host of cheap bars and live octopus on a stick...

The new Korean International Circuit is a credit to all involved. To be ready after all the rumours with excellent facilities - it was welcome relief after such a long journey. Ridiculously narrow access roads aside, it's another top-notch facility, if a little muddy!

Being a Red Bull photographer, one was feeling a little optimistic come race day. As long as both drivers rode their luck, Red Bull could at least wrap up the Constructors' Title today and bring the Drivers' Title to the tips of fingers...

At the start of the BBC's coverage before Mick Fleetwood and his band of fractious lovers wind up to the crescendo to The Chain, we are greeted with the words "This is Formula One". Within these four words the chaos theory works its magic...

As Webber began his slide into the wall exiting turn 12, Alonso must have been whooping quietly to himself deep inside his subconscious mind, and when he saw Vettel blowing up in front of him coming out of turn two, that may well have started to make its way further to his conscious mind, for as he crossed the line to take an emphatic victory, he let rip with a beautiful vocal celebration filled with fun and mischief not normally on show from the charismatic Spaniard. He couldn't quite believe that he'd just won and was now leading the Championship.

I'm sure as the Red Bull boys wash the mud away from their wretched weekend, the words whooped out by Alonso on his slowing down lap will ring ever so worryingly in their ears, "Avanti!" followed by hearty laughter.

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