Vettel's Title - Abu Dhabi GP 2010

Vettel's Title - Abu Dhabi GP 2010 As the sun slowly drifted towards the end of the day, the World Championship began to ebb away from both Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber.

Both drivers had effectively pitted too early and by doing so placed themselves well and truly in the midfield battle with a group of men who were far more concerned with their own careers rather than the two championship contenders that had just joined the party. Not the place to be if youíre looking to win the title. The double whammy being that Red Bull arenít the only Renault powered carsÖ

Red Bullís decision to allow their drivers to fight it out to the end has been the topic of many a conversation these last few months. The nepotistic decision not to support Webber over the favoured Vettel came in for some serious questioning by many, to the point that they were waiting for Red Bull to blow themselves out of the water in favour of the more traditional dump on the nice guy in the team, to favour the tempestuous quicker guy, which of course makes perfect sense if you want win, apparently.

I arrived back into the Red Bull garage with about five laps to go. Chief Mechanic Kenny Handkammer was busy removing any evidence that he was once the owner of fingernails as the rest of the guys kept reminding themselves to breathe.

After such a tumultuous season, there was nothing more this tight group of guys could do but to count down those last few laps and revel in the knowledge that they are both Constructors and Drivers World Champions.

When Sebastian finally made it back to the garage after the TV interviews, all hell broke loose. As ever, Red Bull would celebrate in their own way, to the annoyance of the media waiting outside, this team couldnít wait for the team photo. They had put so much into this that they lost it.

As the tears blended with the Champagne, a wave a emotion swept us all around the garage with this smiling, thoughtful, funny, gregarious, genuine guy, still in shock, in the middle of it all.

Iím sure that ever-present smile is beaming down on whoever is with him in this moment. Well done SebÖ

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