Round One Vettel- Australian Grand Prix 2011

Round One Vettel- Australian Grand Prix 2011 So here we are then. First race down and it looks like Red Bull are way ahead of their rivals already.

With the all-new singing and dancing regulations coming into play for the first time, it was interesting to see how much of a difference they will make.

First up were the new Pirelli tyres, brought in to liven the show up with at least two if not three pit-stops per car per race. All through testing the drivers had been complaining about how they were breaking up too quickly making them slow and unpredicatable, meaning maybe more unscheduled pits-stops and therefore, more unpredictable races. Exactly what the fans may be looking for.

After one race we have had the likes of Webber making three stops whilst Mexican rookie Sergio Perez made just one stop to finish a brilliant seventh (only to be disqualified for a technical infringement missed by the team!). If this continues through the season, who knows how races may be manipulated by maverick tyre choices.

Then we have the Drag Reduction System (DRS) that has been brought in to increase the chances of overtaking by allowing drivers to open the rear wing and therefore decreasing drag. There are obviously a few parameters for its usage - one that you have to be within a second of the car in front and at a designated part of the track, whereas in qualifying you can use it whenever. This might make the spectacle of qualifying that little bit more exciting, as drivers may deploy the system early, giving us photographers some glorious images of cars oversteering through some of the quick corners or on the exits of some of the slower ones. Hmmm, nice thought. Didnít happen though.

There were three DRS Ė assisted overtakes this weekend. It is again too early to judge, but the feedback does seem to be that the system isnít really the answer to making overtaking more commonplace.

Kers was reintroduced for 2011, Red Bull didnít use it and blew everyone away. Could be a no-brainer, but weíll see.

How much these changes have added to the teams budgets for the year will always be shrouded in mystery, but I for one am always interested in seeing new technology introduced to make the sport more exciting. Itís what Formula One is all about. Give it another three or four races before we pass final judgement.

So there we go, Red Bull seem to have come out of the bag running with the rest playing catch up. With such a fantastic line up of drivers letís hope the techie boffins can nail their designs down quickly enough and make this one of the best years yet. Everything required is in place, all we need is for everyone to catch up with Red Bull and weíre in for a good one. Easy reallyÖ

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